Park Farm Holidays
Withern Lincolnshire   Tel: 01507 450331                             

Aby Road, Withern, Lincolnshire LN13 0DF              

Access to Cottages and Cabins at Park Farm Holidays Withern in Lincolnshire

Access to Cottages

There is parking at the side of the cottage with a concrete path leading to the door. The door is 32” (81cm) wide with a cill 2 ½” (6.5 cm) high. The stairs stairs have steps 7 ½” (19cm) high and 9” (23cm) wide except at the top and bottom where there right angle turns, with the steps wide on the outside tapering to nothing on the inside. There is one handrail. The toilet is upstairs in the bathroom, the sides on the bath are 21” (54cm) high.

Access to Cabins

There is parking near all the cabins with a level or slightly sloping approach to the door. The door is 32” (81cm) wide and a cill 2 ½” (63mm) high. All the internal doors are 32” wide and there is room to turn a wheelchair round in the twin rooms and the bathrooms. The sides of the baths are 21” (53cm) high with grab handles on the sides.
A wheelchair will not go in the shower rooms. The showers have a cill 7” (18cm) high. There is a fixed seat in the shower.