Park Farm Holidays
Withern Lincolnshire   Tel: 01507 450331                             

Aby Road, Withern, Lincolnshire LN13 0DF              

Visitors Comments about their stays at Park Farm Holidays Withern in Lincolnshire.

A few comments taken from a visitors book.

Beautiful settings for the cabin.
peaceful and plenty of birds. For the wheelchair I recommend
Hubbards Hills at Louth and the easy access trail at Saltfleetby.
Thank you.

Dainty dancers in caps of blue
Each day they come to thrill anew,
They dance, they sway, they ride the breeze,
Then pirouette into the trees,
With no orchestra, no direction,
The bluetit ballet is sheer perfection,
Then when evening shadows fall,
They come to take their curtain call.


Next day a new performance starts
And tiny dancers play their parts,
We’ve fed and pampered them this week,
With ample food for every beek,
Sorry bluetits we must go,
But we have enjoyed your show.

A very enjoyable stay in comfortable & well equipped cabin. No complaints whatsoever, look forward to coming again soon. Children utterly exhausted from rushing around. Beaches are lovely and clean esp Chaple St Leonards and Skegness. Fabby shops in Lincoln for retail therapy. One complaint! Too many teashops and too many yummy cakes and scones.